Project Description

Time: 2015

Clients: The World Bank

Project Brief
In working towards increasing rural piped water connection in Vietnam, this study of World Bank is aimed to improve the quality of data of the An Thinh water utility through the assessment of current data management and capacity of its staff and to provide the solutions to improve the data collection and management by applying the IT technology that serves for analysis in the later steps of the larger project.

RTA’s Tasks

  • Develop a detailed flow of current operation and data flow and evaluate the limitations
  • Assess the current IT equipment, software use, capacity of the staff and the data management as well as the operation of the water supplier
  • Analyze data provided by the water supplier; propose solutions and list of recommended improvements to data quality and management as well as upgrade equipment and/or develop new software
  • Develop and implement software to improve the data collection and management process
  • Draft user manuals and deliver training for staff to build data management capacity