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Identifying  6,000  communes  that  are  the  most  vulnerable  to  natural hazards  for  the  Government  CBDRM  Programme vi

Recently, the World Bank has reconfirmed that Vietnam stands at the top in the list of most vulnerable to climate change countries in the world (Dasgupta, Laplante, Murray, & Wheeler, 2009). According to this research, Vietnam is ranked number 2 by the percentage increase in storm surge zones when compared to current surge zones; by [...]

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Natural Disasters and Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam vi

As natural disasters hit with increasing frequency, especially in coastal areas, it is imperative to better understand how much natural disasters affect economies and their people. This requires disaggregated measures of natural disasters that can be reliably linked to households, the first challenge this paper tackles. In particular, a methodology is illustrated to create natural [...]

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Production Inefficiency Of Vietnam’s Fisheries Processing Firms vi

Rietnam has experienced a dramatic growth in its fisheries sector over the last two decades. One key factor underlying the impressive achievements of this sector is the rapid growth of the processing firms, which include both state-owned and privately- owned firms. In order to measure their technical and allocative efficiency, we estimate a shadow cost [...]

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Pro-Poor Growth and Firm Size: Evidence from Vietnam vi

This study was carried out by Dr. Le Dang Trung, RTA's Chief Economist and Dr. Paul Shaffer from Trent University to examine the relationship between pro-poor growth and the size distribution of manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam. Below is the introduction of the study. For the full article, please visit: Pro-Poor Growth and Firm Size: Evidence [...]

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